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Welcome to Turn 12 Society, where four wheels meet the Earth. We plan on bringing you coverage from every angle the automotive world has to offer. Features, races, events, write ups, you name it, we will bring it to the table. Here at Turn 12, we are obsessed. Within the automotive realm we find ourselves infatuated day after day, only to know we aren’t alone, right?  The genuine love and passion that we as “gearheads” have come to identify is insatiable, and the direct relationship one can develop with a machine is undeniably real.  There are so many untold stories, places, perspectives, ideas, feelings – that are waiting to be voiced. Turn 12 is going to bring you into our understanding of what lies within automotive passion, and share your story too. Whether you’re a pure enthusiast who’s in for a comprehensive write up or just here for the pictures and a good read, we atTurn 12 hope you enjoy the site and what it has to offer. Feedback is always appreciated – please feel free to comment!




Adding content soon! Please be patient with us while we get this site rolling. As what to look forward too – we plan on bringing you coverage of a couple upcoming events: Formula Drift round 1: Streets of Long Beach and The Grand Prix of Long Beach that goes down the following weekend, so keep your eyes out!


Thank you all! Here are some photos from the past year or so, enjoy!















Photos and words by:

  • Michael Wnek
  • Sean Krinik
  • Chase Weber


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